Is RollerCoin Legit? My Review of the Game

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In this article, I’ll tell you about my favorite game when it comes to earning bitcoin for free. This 8-bit browser game, that you can also play on mobile, is an online mining simulator. And it allows users to make money while playing. Real money. Is RollerCoin legit? Let’s find out in my review below.

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RollerCoin is both entertaining and rewarding

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What is RollerCoin?

It’s an online game where you personify a miner and you compete against other players to earn BTC. So, if you dream of mining bitcoin but don’t want to invest in a rig, give it a try. And you will enjoy the amusement without dealing with all the hard stuff.

After signing up, with your email or your Facebook account, you get to customize your avatar – your miner. And you find yourself alone in an empty room, in front of a computer, with a fan cooling you down. It’s a bit like in real life, isn’t it?

rollercoin character
That’s me when I started!

Now it’s time to build your mining data center. First, you need to buy some racks from the market. And then you can buy mining rigs and put them on the shelves.

The more miners, the better. Because you need these to get mining power and rewards. Your virtual miners allow you to get REAL bitcoin. You can also split the rewards between BTC, DOGE, and ETH.

rollercoin market

In addition to your mining power and the total mining power, there’s a timer that indicates when the next block is going to be mined. And every time a block is mined, you get a reward.

But, every now and then, your miners need service. When that happens, you stop getting rewards. And you need to play games to repair them.

play games

I warn you now: The game is not so easy. Because there are over 145,000 players upgrading their data center and boosting their mining power. Some of them have been playing for years, every day. And you need to take them into consideration… You’re sharing the block rewards with them.

When you earn bitcoins, you have 2 choices: Withdraw them or invest them in your data center!

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How to earn on RollerCoin?

The simple answer is: You play the game!

Play mini-games

If you don’t want to spend anything when you start, you need to play mini-games. Each game you beat grants you hash power that lasts 24 hours. And some other bonuses like computer upgrades.

There are several games available, similar to the popular ones you can play on a smartphone (Doodle Jump, 2048, Flappy Bird, etc.):

  1. Coinclick
  2. Token Blaster
  3. Flappy Rocket
  4. Cryptonoid
  5. Coin-match
  6. Crypto Hamster
  7. 2048 Coins
  8. Coin-Flip

And there are slots for new ones that are still in development – no date of availability is mentioned.

Each game lasts 30 to 60 seconds. And when you beat a game, you get 600 to 2000 Gh/s hash power, depending on the difficulty. With your newly acquired mining power, you can start earning satoshis every time a block is mined. The higher your hash rate, the higher the reward.

And with these sats, you can buy miners!

For the win!

While you may get a reward when you lose a game, you should aim for the win. Because you can receive a new computer that helps you maintain your hash power much longer:

  • 20 daily wins give you 3 days of extended power
  • 50 daily wins give you 5 days of extended power
  • 100 daily wins give you 7 days of extended power

Buy mining rigs

This is where the real money is! And that’s why you should focus on reinvesting your earnings to grow your mining facility.

Each new miner gives you more hash power to increase the number of satoshis you earn per block. And you won’t lose this hash power – only if your rigs need servicing.

It means that with a certain number of rigs, you can earn passively a nice income in bitcoin. In a guide I read, it was said that you could make 0.1 to 1 BTC a month after playing several years. And the best part is you’d need to play only a few games a day. But this requires commitment – maybe 2 hours a day!

In the store, you have the choice between these miners:

  • RollerMiner S4 – 1 Cell – 1,160 Gh/s
  • Rollerminer S7 – 1 Cell – 1,320 Gh/s
  • Rolleron 741 – 1 Cell – 2,730 Gh/s
  • RollerMiner S5+ – 1 Cell – 4,000 Gh/s
  • Rollerminer R4 – 1 Cell – 6,000 Gh/s
  • Rolleron Miner 761 – 1 Cell – 6,500 Gh/s
  • RollerMiner S9 – 2 Cells – 14,500 Gh/s
  • Dragonroller 16T – 2 Cells – 16,000 Gh/s
  • Rollerfury B8 – 2 Cells – 19,300 Gh/s

And you can buy these with a 50% discount! But the discount is generally restricted. Indeed, you can buy only 1 miner every 7 days if I remember correctly. At the time I write this RollerCoin review, there’s a limited sale with no restrictionsClick here to sign up and buy some cheap rigs!

Is RollerCoin Legit?

Yes, it is – as far as I can tell. I have joined the platform in 2019. And I have withdrawn some assets twice. The second time, I didn’t see the BTC coming – the status was “waiting.” So, I had to contact their support by email. And they were very responsive: The withdrawal was completed within 48 hours.

While I mostly stack sats, I have also reinvested some of them into my mining center, FYI, to increase my earnings.

I’ve read RollerCoin reviews before playing the game – these were all positives. And they were not lying! Let’s hope this website is here to stay!


Thanks for reading my RollerCoin review! I hope you learned what you need regarding this mining simulator.

This is easily the best bitcoin game of 2021. And there are always more players joining the platform.

If you want to kill time or if you’re looking for a bathroom toilet game, why not give it a try? Because you have nothing to lose and real bitcoin to win!

The devs have added some new coins in 2019: You can now mine dogecoin and ethereum. And many new features will come soon, related to the implementation of the RollerToken. I didn’t mention it yet – but I’ll refresh the review when the time comes.

9.6 Total Score
RollerCoin review: Excellent!

Why not get paid while relaxing after a hard day at work? This mining simulator is entertaining. Its interface is user-friendly and the gameplay is well-thought.

  • Addictive
  • Popular in-games
  • Easy time-killer
  • Requires commitment

I’m Midas – that’s only a pen name, obviously – and I’ve discovered bitcoin and cryptos a few years back. I’m not a daily trader because I don’t have the time and skills for that. But I’m an enthusiast, a bitliever! I’m sure digital currencies will change the world in the future – if we don’t destroy our planet first. Anyway. I’ve started with nothing, knowing nothing, like anyone. So, I learned: I visited blogs and sites to understand blockchain and its possibilities. And I wanted to get in. But I didn’t want to invest anything to get started. So, I’ve been looking for ways to accumulate free bitcoin. To be honest, there are many of them which are simply fake. Sometimes, even the most famous websites, ranking at the top of Google, don’t deliver on their promises… I’m still far from having 1 bitcoin. But I’m slowly getting there. And, so can you! But you have an advantage over me: You can learn from my experiences and my mistakes. So, you don’t have to waste your time on scams or on websites with low payouts. Simply check my reviews and my rankings to learn which are the best ways to make money with free BTC.