I’m Midas – that’s only a pen name, obviously – and I’ve discovered bitcoin and cryptos a few years back. I’m not a daily trader because I don’t have the time and skills for that. But I’m an enthusiast, a bitliever! I’m sure digital currencies will change the world in the future – if we don’t destroy our planet first. Anyway. I’ve started with nothing, knowing nothing, like anyone. So, I learned: I visited blogs and sites to understand blockchain and its possibilities. And I wanted to get in. But I didn’t want to invest anything to get started. So, I’ve been looking for ways to accumulate free bitcoin. To be honest, there are many of them which are simply fake. Sometimes, even the most famous websites, ranking at the top of Google, don’t deliver on their promises… I’m still far from having 1 bitcoin. But I’m slowly getting there. And, so can you! But you have an advantage over me: You can learn from my experiences and my mistakes. So, you don’t have to waste your time on scams or on websites with low payouts. Simply check my reviews and my rankings to learn which are the best ways to make money with free BTC.