Find the Best Faucet for Bitcoin of 2020

On this page, you will find only the faucets with the highest payouts that deliver – meaning you will actually be able to withdraw your earnings! I’d recommend you sign up for all of these sites. And then plan a routine to claim as often as possible.

The Highest Paying Faucets Of 2020

While I’m offering this BTC faucet list, I must admit that I’ve intentionally omitted hundreds of them. Because it’s nearly impossible to try them all. And it’d be even harder to review them all.

Also, this kind of website is hard to maintain – most of them struggle to make a profit. So, I’m saving us all some time with a condensed ranking.

And I’m confident you won’t waste your time or lose your claims with these providers.

Criteria to determine the best bitcoin faucet 2020

First of all, faucets come and go. Because it’s hard to maintain a profitable bitcoin faucet. So what is true today may be obsolete tomorrow. Second, most faucets out there are scams. And they’re only trying to make money with you. Therefore, you should always check reviews and read the terms and conditions before spending time on a website.

But if you use the ones I recommend above, you should be on the safe side. I have never had any trouble stacking sats and withdrawing them to my personal bitcoin address.

In addition to my reviews, here are a few criteria you can use to judge the quality of a faucet:

  • Claim amount: This is not that easy to define. Because on most faucets you will draw a random number and earn the corresponding reward. But take into consideration the smallest amount – the one you’re most likely to draw.
  • Claiming time: The best bitcoin faucet allows you to claim every hour. But on some faucets, you can claim anytime and the faucet gradually fills up with satoshis. Depending on the time you’re ready to spend on these websites, you should be able to maximize your earnings.
  • Withdraw limit: You should always check what’s the minimum amount of sats you need to withdraw. And when you know how much you earn per claim, you can easily determine how long you need to reach the minimum withdraw. The sooner the better.
  • Bitcoin storage: Most faucets store your earnings in a wallet which keys they’re holding. And some of them use micro-wallets. Make sure you understand where your satoshis are and how to withdraw them.
  • Bitcoin interests: The two best bitcoin faucets on my site offer interests on your earnings once you’ve reached a certain amount. If you’re OK with storing you bitcoin on the platform, make sure you get paid for it!

There are hundreds of faucets and I’ve covered only a few of them. But this list is safe. And you don’t even have to pick only one. To increase the number of claims, you should add them all to your routine and switch between them.

Claiming bitcoin on reliable faucets is a no-brainer. And it allows you to stack satoshis!

Wrapping up

You’ve reached the end of my best bitcoin faucet list. And I hope you’ve found new reliable ways to get free satoshis. Freebitco.in is definitely the website I would recommend if you don’t know where to start. Because you’ll be able to spend hours there and get the highest payouts.

However, if you don’t want to do anything but claim, you should visit several websites on a regular basis. Indeed, most sites set a timer between each claim. If you don’t want to stay idle for too long, the only solution is to visit each site in turn.

Lastly, just a quick thought regarding the price of bitcoin and its influence on your earnings. While we love when the price goes up (to the moon, right?), it means you’re getting fewer satoshis with each claim… Indeed, the amount of a claim depends on the market price. And most sites have capped their prizes. Therefore, when the bitcoin price goes up, the rewards go down. And it works the same the other way around.

You should claim as much as possible when the price is low. And enjoy increased earnings when the price goes up!